After Hello 2


Rachel is feeling quite insecure in her relationship with Ben.

It is clear that she is not indifferent to her boyfriend’s attitude to their possible marriage in the future. Even though she tries to appear nonchalant when Rhys asks her about her plans to get married, it is clear that she wants to marry Ben.

Then there is the matter with Esther Crowley, Ben’s colleague. She checks her photo on the website of the firm, and to her chagrin she sees that the woman is stunning, and she also realizes that she looks very much like Olivia, Ben’s ex. One or two days later she and her friends go jogging, and when they stop to have breakfast, she notices a woman she recognizes as Esther Crowley, and then she sees the woman staring at her, and when a friend joins her, Rachel knows they are talking about her. When she tells Ben later, he just fobs her off, and it doesn’t help matters when later at lunch with her parents Ben and Rachel have a confrontation about the case of a man accused of having illegal arms, Ben takes the position of the man who Esther defended against Rachel.

Then the day of Mindy’s hen night, Rachel, Caroline, Mindy, and the bride’s friends are supposed to go to Portugal for the weekend, but when Mindy is at the check-in counter, she is told that her passport is out of date, so she cannot fly. Myndy is distraught, but Caroline comes up with the idea of staying in Manchester, book some rooms and go to some pubs. Rachel sends a text to Ben, and when they are at a pub dancing, to Rachel’s horror she sees Ben and Esther together, acting as if they are more than friends. Rachel’s old insecurities resurface as she remembers that at university Ben had a string of girlfriends, and she wonder if he is still the same. Rachel goes up to Ben, who is clearly surprised to see her. He hasn’t seen her text, and he simply says that he and Esther are out celebrating after finishing a case. Rachel doesn’t say anything, but she is not happy as she returns to her friends and leaves her boyfriend with a woman she guesses is not indifferent to his charms. I imagine that when they are home, Rachel will try to speak to him because she can’t hold all these insecure feelings within her. I hope she doesn’t do anything silly which will cause a break up with the man she loves.


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