Victorian San Francisco Stories 4 – The End


In this story one of the characters that appeared in Maids of Misfortune.

It is Mr Wong. Annie goes to the Chinese Mission where women and girls in trouble are helped. She hopes to be hired by the Greenstock who run the mission as they need financial advice. While she is there, she sees a little Chinese girl very upset, but nobody knows how to help her as they can’t understand her. Annie goes to talk to Mr Wong, who is ready to help her. When he sees the girl, she tells her that she came from China with her grandmother, but she died. What nobody had realised is that this little girl has a twin brother, and a hostile clan has taken the boy. Mr Wong manages to rescue the boy, but Annie is worried that the little boy won’t be able to stay with his sister in the mission, which is only for women. But the story has a happy ending as Mr Wong decides to adopt the two children, and with the help of his housekeeper they will be able to raise the children. Annie is surprised to learn that Wong, who is a cook for the Vosses, has businesses of his own and has even a housekeeper. Nate explains to her later that isn’t so strange as over the long years of service Wong must have been able to save good money to afford to buy his house and even have servants.

I have to say that this is the story I liked least. I found the end a bit rushed and too convenient. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it; I just liked it less than the other three.


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