Victorian San Francisco Stories 2


In “Dandy Detects” the characters that are brought to the limelight are Barbara Hewitt and Dandy, her son’s dog.

In  “Bloody Lessons” we learnt more about the woman’s background story. Barbara was fleeing from a violent husband, and she even changed her name. In this story Barbara tries to befriend the new neighbour, Mrs Francis. From her bedroom she can hear the music of a piano coming from the house opposite, and when she asks Kathleen, the young maid tells her that Mrs Francis used to be a professional pianist, and she also mentions that her husband seems to be quite rough.

Barbara thinks that she would like to have someone she can talk to about music and other matters that interest her. As luck will have it, she runs into Mrs Francis, who is also taking her dog for a walk. Barbara introduces herself to the woman, and also asks her if she could give Jame some lessons, but the woman is not interested.

One night Dandy wakes her as the little dog seems quite upset. Yet, Barbara doesn’t know what is the problem with him. Then the following day she decides that she wants to talk to Mrs Francis again, but when she knocks at her door, her husband tells her that his wife has gone to visit her sister. Then Dandy is once again nervous, pulling at the leash as he strives to run into the Francis’s garden. Barbara manages to drag him to the boarding house, but Barbara is uneasy. She think she remembers hearing Mrs Francis’s dog bark, so what Mr Francis telling her that his wife took the dog with her cannot be true. When she tells Annie about  it, she suggests they tell Patrick about it.

In the end Patrick tells his boss which takes his hound dog to the house, and to everyone’s shock they discover that there is a spot where the soil has been stirred, and the police not only find the little dog’s body, but that of Mrs Francis. So it is thanks to Dandy and Barbara that Mr Francis is arrested for murder.


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