Victorian San Francisco Stories 3


On this occasion Minnie and Millie Moffet are central point in this story.

I really find this couple of elderly sisters so charming with one doing all the talking, and the other not speaking at all.

The two sisters visit a customer for a fitting in the Palace Hotel. The two sisters don’t think much of this woman Mrs Jewel Roberts, who is married to a man thirty years her senior and who they think is fickle and flirtatious. They know that when the woman takes a lover, she arranges for them to come for a fitting, so that then she can dismiss them early and she can spend time with her lover without the presence of her maid.

That day the Miss Moffets have another fitting with Mrs Lydia Porter, who is expecting her first baby. Then Miss Millie makes a discovery as she picks up some orange threads from the floor on the bedroom, and she realises that these threads belong to the dress they had fit for Mrs Roberts. Millie asks if Mrs Porter knows Mrs Roberts, and the woman says that her husband met her at some party. The ladies think that Mr Porter is Mrs Roberts’s new lover.

The ladies go to talk to Annie, wondering what they could do. Should they keep quiet or tell the wife? Annie thinks that telling the wife that her husband is cheating on her could be dangerous at this stage of her pregnancy, so she thinks maybe they could try the husbands. The ladies are shocked, reasoning they couldn’t do that as it wouldn’t be proper. Yet, the following day they arrange to have Mrs Porter’s fitting early so that they can see Mr Porter. Then not so subtly Miss Minnie makes Mr Porter know that they know what he is up to, and she hints that now that his wife is expecting, she needs him more than every.

The next time the Moffets see the Porters is when their baby boy is born, and Mr Porter lets them know in an indirect way that he has mended his ways, and his distractions are done. I think this was a cute story. I really have a soft spot for these two lovely ladies, so it is not strange I’ve enjoyed their story.


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