Pilfered Promises 3


Annie is helping the police with the investigation after Marie Fournier’s death.

She tells them something that Biddy has found out. Apparently, there is a cash girl, Cherry, who seems to be favoured by a manager, someone called Rutgers, who wants to have her in the department he supervise. The man doesn’t have a fixed position, but he is simply assigned the department where he is needed every week, so that can be the explanation why the losses are not limited to just one department. Annie has also found out that Cherry started working for the Silver Strike four months ago when the losses started.

As for Marie Fournier’s murder it is not clear who the culprit can be. I imagine that the murderer will be found among the main characters: Mr and Mrs Villeneuve, Miss Birdsoll, who all live in apartment on the fifth floor in the building, and Robbie Livingston. I imagine that Mrs Fournier knew something that could endanger some of these people’s position, so that was why she might have been killed. If that is the truth, then Annie has to be careful, or she might be in dire danger.

Now I am convinced that Annie is pregnant. When she goes to the police station, we know that she is feeling rough and tired. This new reference to her health makes me think that she is definitely with child. When will she realise the truth?


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