New Book – Pilfered Promises by M. Louisa Locke


Publication year: 2016

A new mystery for Annie and Nate.

They are now husband and wife, and I am curious to know what they are like as a married couple. In the prologue there is a woman, Marie, who is looking after her daughter Emmaline, and she talks about breaking promises, but it is not clear who she is.

In the first chapter which is in November 1880, four months after Nate and Annie’s wedding, Patrick, the cop who is Beatrice’s nephew and Kathleen’s beau, comes to find Nate in his office, and Annie happens to be there. He tells them that Nate’s sister-in-law Violet has a problem. In fact, it is her mother who is in trouble. Apparently, Violet, who is pregnant with her second child, and her mother Mrs Kepler have come to San Francisco to do some shopping. While they were in some emporium, one of the assistants noticed that Mrs Kepler had taken some ribbons without paying and hidden them in an umbrella. When the manager discreetly asked her about what he had seen, a silk fan and some other items came out of the umbrella which was not hers either but belonged to the shop as well. Nate and Annie rush to see Violet and Mrs Kepler, who is hysterical in the owner’s office. Nate wants to help the woman legally, and they think that the best thing would be for both women to return to San Jose and then they would be able to sort out the rest. I wonder if this will be the big mystery in the book, or if it will be after this episode that something else will crop up.


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