Deadly Proof 6 – The End



Another great book!!! I have to say I didn’t guess who the culprit was until almost the end. When Orrie Childers was murdered and poor Seth framed, I started to suspect the real killer. I did not think that the truth could be found in some external third party. The killer was in the middle of the company. I was right. It was Griggs who killed Joshua and later Orrie Childers, and the man tried to frame Mrs Florence Sullivan and then Seth. I thought that the explanation was more convoluted than it was, even involving Joshua’s young children. I thought that maybe the children were Griggs’ and not Joshua’s, but I was wrong in that account. The reason why Griggs murdered his boss is that he thought that with time he would become a partner of the printing company, but when Joshua announced that he would make Jack Nappier his partner, Griggs killed him in a fit of rage. When Orrie Childers guessed that Griggs was the murderer and blackmailed him, so feeling that he was trapped, he also killed her.

Poor Seth was once again hurt in this case. Griggs came to the print house when Seth was working alone. The man was drunk and hit Seth with a wrench. When Laura came to talk to him, she found him unconscious, but thankfully, Seth came around. Griggs was angry because after all his efforts, Mrs Rashers had also announced that he was merging the company with Pannier’s, making Jack her partner. Laura and Seth then saw Griggs burnign all the proofs in the company, and then he set fire to the building and himself. Laura and Seth manage to escape thanks to Annie and Nate, who rushed to the printing house when they realised that Griggs was the culprit. The man died of the burns he inflicted himself, and the building burnt down, but we learn later that the company was fully insured, so it will be rebuilt in the future.

I love the relationship between Laura and Seth. They are both stubborn and too proud, so that is the reason why they have this tug-war when they are together. They finally kissed for the first time when Laura visited him in his house to apologise for her previous angered comments. She stayed to study a bit, but they ended up falling asleep. When she woke up, she realised it was too late, and when she tried to wake Seth, he opened his eyes, still half asleep, and thinking he was still in the middle of his dream, he kissed her and Laura responded wholeheartedly. Then it was Laura, who saved him when he was wrongly accused of killing Orrie Childers, and she wasn’t afraid to compromise her reputation when she came forward to say that she was with Seth when Orrie was killed. That didn’t sit well with her brother Nate, who is too propriety-conscious, but thankfully Annie managed to calm him down and let him see that Laura is her own person, and nothing he could say would change her. Laura also managed to get Seth to his entry exams for university in time, and we know that she and Seth as well as their other friends have passed, so I imagine that in the following mystery Laura will be studying her degree.

The very end is so sweet. Annie finally confessed that she didn’t want to wait and wanted to marry Nate as soon as possible. So they managed to prepare an intimate wedding in two days, and they finally got married. Such a lovely end!!! Now in the next novel Annie and Nate will be married, and I can’t wait to see what they are like as a married couple.


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