Deadly Proof 5


Their change of plans have been a blow to both Annie and Nate.

Yet, Annie pretends she is find with it because she doesn’t want to add up to his problems. Then Nate thinks that she even welcomes the delay because that will give her time to prepare the wedding better. What Annie isn’t saying is that she is scared and this setback makes her think she will never become Mrs Dawson.

Laura is now concerned because her mother wants to be in San Francisco for Nate’s trial, which is something that Nate won’t welcome as he doesn’t want to have any distractions. I have the impression that even though both siblings love their mother, she might be a bit pushy and overbearing. Apart from this, Laura is being preoccupied lately since she saw Seth and Orrie Childers together and she saw the woman brushing her hand on Seth’s cheek, which made Laura very jealous. Since then she has stopped seeing Seth, and he hasn’t shown up for the meetings of Laura’s study group. Yet, now she has received a note from Seth, asking her to see him. I wonder what Seth wants or what he will tell her. Maybe he has found out more about the murder.

Nate is not closer to finding the truth. Annie has given a trace to follow. Apparently, Rashers might have been in contact with one of his competitors’ son, Nappier, and it seems that both men might have colluded to merge both companies behind Nappier’s back. I wonder if this is why Rachers was murdered, but I have the hunch that the truth is closer to home.


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