Deadly Proof 4


Oh no!

Now that it was only a few weeks for the wedding, and Annie and Nate had almost everything ready, a message comes through. The judge who was to rule for Mrs Sullivan’s trial has taken ill, and since there has been a change of judge, the trial has been postponed to August 11, just the date on which Annie and Nate were supposed to get married. Annie knows that they can’t get married, and Nate tells her that her parents will only be able to come then in October. Both of them are bitterly disappointed, which I understand completely. 😦 Won’t they be able to marry in this book?

As for the investigation, the only thing that both Annie and Nate are convinced of is that Florence didn’t kill Rashers, but it is not clear why she isn’t talking. Is she protecting someone? Her husband who has no alibi for the time when Rashers was killed, or even her friend Iris, who Laura has discovered also was not in her flat at the time of the murder. I really don’t understand the woman. From the investigation that Nate, Annie, and Laura are carrying out, we know that when Florence was first hired by Joshua Rashers, six years ago, she fell in love with him. Annie guesses that they became lovers, and according to Iris Bailor, Joshua told Florence that her marriage was just in name and he planned to divorce his wife. Florence was disappointed when Catherine Rashers got pregnant, but she still believed Joshua when he told her that when he still planned to leave his wife when the boy grew a little, but when Mrs Rashers got pregnant a second time, Florence broke things up with Joshua. It was then that she agreed to marry Alan. The reason why she stayed at Rashers’  is because he made good money and also she wanted to protect the girl apprentices and prevent them to be seduced by Mr Rashers as she had been.

I really have no idea who the real culprit is. Nate is leading two lines of enquiry. One of them is that the killer must be one of Rashers’ competitors who has been robbed of some important customers. The other theory is that it might be a disgruntled lover, but in this case Nate and Seth have their doubts because they think that a woman wouldn’t be strong enough to have killed Rashers the way he was killed.

In the previous book I have my suspicions, but now I have no idea at all.


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