New Book – Deadly Proof by M. Louisa Locke


Publication year: 2015

In this new instalment we see Seth Timmons again.

It is July and he is working in a printing house. Since his salary as a teacher is not high, he had to find a second job. NOw that school has broken for the summer, he is not working in the printing house full-time. It is July 2nd, close to the celebrations for the Fourth of July, so Seth and his colleagues have lots of work, and then that day when they go back to work after lunch, Seth hears a scream. Then he sees Florence Sullivan, who I think is his boss’s secretary, coming out of the office, covered in blood and she says that their boss Joshua Rashers is dead.

The novel moves forward in time, and it is two days later. Annie is with Kathleen and Beatrice celebrating the Fourth of July. They have gone to a park where they will have a picnic, and Nate and others will join them later. Then Beatrice notices the ring on Annie’s finger, and we learn that Nate has given the engagement ring the night before after saving for it for months. They have been engaged since February, and they have set the date for their wedding in August when Nate’s family will be able to leave the ranch. I am so happy for Annie, and now I wonder if we will see the wedding in this novel. I have the hunch that the murder of Seth’s boss is going to intrude in their lives once again.

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