Deadly Proof 2


As I predicted, the new crime has got Nate involved.

He has been hired to defend the accused, Mrs Florence Sullivan, the woman who Seth found covered in blood. The evidence is circumstantial, but the wife of Joshua Rasher knows the general attorney, and she claimed that Florence was obsessed with her husband and that day Joshua intended let Florence go and to tell her he was going on a three-week trip with his family. So Mrs Rasher convinced the general attorney that Florence had killed her husband out of jealousy, so that is why she was arrested.

The strange thing is that Florence refuses to see anybody. She hasn’t seen her husband since she was arrested. When Nate goes to talk to her, she agrees to see him, but whenever he mentions anything to do with the day of the murder or Mr Rasher, she clams up. Nate doesn’t know what to think, but he guesses that Florence has been hurt, and she is very scared. I don’t think that she is the killer, but I don’t understand either why she doesn’t do anything to defend herself.

A new thing in this instalment of the series is that both Laura and Annie are now working in printing. Annie is trying to stop work as Madam Sybil before getting married, so she has landed a position as a bookkeeper in a printing house, and Laura is also working there as a typesetter. Laura has already asked some questions about the murder, and one of her colleagues Iris Bailor got upset when she learnt about Florence’s arrest. Iris claims that Florence couldn’t hurt a fly, and even if Mr Rasher deserved his death, she would never have killed him. I am curious what secrets Nate will uncover. Was Florence having an affair with her boss? Or was he harassing her sexually?


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