Bloody Lessons 6


Once again Annie goes undercover.

When Mr Emory, the man who has retained him in connection with the threatening letters, learns that Annie has successfully solved two mysteries in the past, he  puts forward a proposition to her. He wants her to teach bookkeeping to one of the classes in the Girls’ High, and this will be her cover as she investigates. Annie agrees to do it when Nate tells her. So far she hasn’t found out anything, but she thinks that maybe the key may be found in Mrs Anderson’s hiring as one of the other applicants might be behind the letters. Della Thorndike tells her that there was a male teacher who had the right qualifications and also had the burden of three children of his own. Yet, the Vice principal decided to hire Mrs Anderson even if she didn’t have the proper qualification. Della’s words make me think that maybe the Vice principal had some ulterior motives to hire the woman, or maybe Della is just showing some resentment. Could she be the one behind the letters? She also has a connection with Hattie when Hattie tutored one of her students, and I think Della likes Andrew too much. Maybe Della was jealous of Hattie? But what about Mrs Anderson? Why would she write those spiteful letters? Does she simply want her out because she finds the woman’s hiring unfair?

As for Laura, she finally speaks to Seth, but he can’t tell her much about Hattie. What she tells her is about the threatening letters Hattie received, and she also explains how she was assaulted. Laura realises that Seth is not as bad as she thought he was, and I have the hunch that Seth is sweet on Laura. His reaction to her assault is crystal clear as he wants to find out if Buck is behind the attack, and if he is, he voices some threat that I am sure he means.

I admit I am a bit lost about the key to these mysteries. I wonder if Laura’s attack and the threatening letters are linked, and therefore, it is the same person. Maybe the letters and the assault are not connected, so that means that the man who scared Laura and the person written those letters are two different people. I have the hunch that Laura was not the intended victim of whoever assaulted; I think that she was confused with someone else, and because it was foggy, the man thought she was the person he was after. When I read that chapter, I thought that maybe since Laura was with Jamie, the man thought Laura was Barbara. We don’t know much about Barbara’s past, whether she is a widow or maybe she left a violent husband, so this husband might have found her and confused her with Laura. But then if that is the case, the man would have made contact again, and it’s been weeks now since the attack. I really don’t know!!!


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