Bloody Lessons 5


Annie offers to accompany Laura to pack Hattie’s things in her boarding house.

There they discover Andrew’s letter, which the man asked her to give back to him a few days before, but Laura wants to read them before handing them to him. She is still convinced that everything that has happened to Hattie is Andrew’s fault. Then Annie discovers a few threatening notes. An anonymous sender insults and commands her to leave, and threatens her. Now Hattie is dead, and they wonder if her death might be connected to the notes. Nate and Annie wonder if these notes might come from the same person who sent the letter to Mr Emory in connection to the hiring of Mrs Anderson. The tone in the letters are quite different, but in both cases the sender mentions favouritism from the Vice principals.

Laura also reads a few letters that Seth sent to Hattie, and she learns that Seth was in San Jose because Hattie had asked him to keep an eye on her. Laura realizes that she has treated Seth unfairly, so she sends him a note, asking him to meet. I am curious to see what Seth has to say to Laura about Hattie. Maybe he knew more about her life in the last months that Laura did. This story is quite baffling as I have no idea who is behind the letters and Hattie’s death – I’m pretty sure she was murdered. I have the hunch that the culprit must be a woman who was jealous of Hattie. Maybe Miss Della Thorndike, who is a teacher in Girls’ High and pushed Laura to accept one of her students as a training teacher, or even Kitty Blaine, the training student – Laura has noticed that she has changed from a shy girl to a more resolute one. If the culprit is a woman, then who assaulted Laura? It was a man, so who was he?



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