Bloody Lessons 4


The book has taken a twist I didn’t expect.

Hattie dies, and contrary what I thought, the main problem is that apparently she had a fall, which caused her the miscarriage. When Laura is with her in the hospital room, Hattie regains consciousness momentarily, and she says something about an accident, Andrew, and pushing. Does this mean that she was pushed and her fall was no accident? If that is so, who wanted her dead and why? Now Laura thinks that Andrew is responsible for Hattie’s death. Annie finds out about the miscarriage, and when Laura gets too incensed talking about Andrew, Annie has to tell her. I share Annie’s opinion and I don’t think Andrew could have harmed Hattie. He might have had a motive. Maybe he didn’t want to marry her, but her condition forced her into a marriage she might not have chosen in the first time. That doesn’t sound too plausible as he wouldn’t have been the first man to abandon the woman who he got into trouble.

We learn a bit more about the problems Laura had in her last school with her student Buck Morrison and Seth Timmons. Laura tells Annie that Buck Morrison, who was seventeen and only a couple of years younger than her, kept harassing and made passes at her. Then Seth started visiting at the weekend – Laura simply thought that he wanted news about Hattie – so when he drove her to her home, so she was safe during those times. Then one weekend Buck cornered her, and Seth appeared all of a sudden, and there was a big fight, which scared Laura. That was why she is afraid to be found by Seth. I think that in this sense Laura is too impressionable because if Seth fought Buck to defend her, I think it was a good thing.

Now Seth turns up in San Francisco. Laura goes to the zoo with Kathleen, Patrick, Jamie, and Ian, Kathleen’s little brother, and Seth appears. He admits to follow her there when she saw him leave the boarding house. According to Seth, he saw Hattie’s obituary and that is why he wanted to talk to Laura. Apparently, Seth and Hattie kept seeing each other as he claims she gave him Laura’s address. Yet, he denies being the man assaulting Laura. So what does Seth want? We don’t learn much because Laura orders him to leave, and he does. I have a feeling that Seth knows something, or at least, I’m sure we will be seeing him again.

Apart from that, I love the sweet moments between Nate and Annie. They are lovely together. I also enjoyed reading the conversation between Annie and Laura. When Laura becomes upset about Hattie’s pregnancy, blaming Andrew, Annie tries to tell her about how she feels about Nate and what her marriage was like. Annie even admits that she and Nate are not engaged because he hasn’t asked her again. That means she might say yes the next time! This case is also making Annie upset as she keeps thinking about her own miscarriage, and she even wonders if she will be able to have children, and if she can, she wonders if she will be a good mother. I really think that Annie should tell Nate about her worries and the past. If he were to become her husband, he needs to know these things, or they will interfere in their relationship and happiness.


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