Bloody Lessons 3


Nate is investigating a case which involves a school.

It is the Girls’ High, where Barbara Hewitt works. Mr Emory is Nate’s client, and apparently, there was an anonymous letter accusing him of nepotism and hiring one Mrs Anderson, who doesn’t have the right qualifications to teach. Nate wants to talk to Barbara, and Annie acts as an intermediary to arrange the meeting.

That night there is a bang at the door, and when Annie asks Nate to open the door, there is a man with a message for Laura. He is the owner of the boarding house where Hattie lives, and he tells them that just a few hours ago Hattie fainted and there was blood everywhere. So she has been rushed to hospital, but Hattie requested to have a message delivered to Laura. I think that what is happening to Hattie is that she was pregnant and she is suffering a miscarriage. I wonder how Laura, who sounds a bit strict in her opinions, will take this, and I have the suspicion that this event won’t help Hattie at all as her reputation will be soiled. Will Andrew stand up beside her, or will he let her down to suffer humiliation alone?


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