New Book – Bloody Lessons by M. Louisa Locke


Publishing year: 2013

In this new book of the series we are introduced to Laura Dawson, Nate’s younger sister.

In the previous book Nate made reference to her sister, who was a teacher in a school near the farm of their parents. In this novel Laura has started working in Jamie’s school when a friend, Hattie, recommended her for a position there. Laura thought she might see her friend, but she later found that it was Hattie’s position she was filling. Laura is staying in Annie’s boarding house as Annie offered the accommodation when she and Nate visit his family at Christmas.

At the beginning of the book Laura and Jamie walk back to the house together. There is thick fog, and Jamie runs to get Dandy, his dog, and then just a few feet from the house a man grabs Laura, shakes her, and insults her. He says something about finding where she lived. Then Dandy the dog barks at the man, who flees, and Laura is quickly comforted by Annie and the other women in the house. Laura is naturally shaken, but as Annie talks to her, she think there is something strange about the young woman’s attitude. She claims she doesn’t know the man, but is that the truth? Maybe the man confused her with someone else since the thick fog made it difficult to see. So who is the woman who the man thought he had recognised? Could it be Jamie’s mother? After all, Jamie was with her a few seconds before the man assaulted her. Or could it be Hattie whose absence appears a bit suspicious?

Interesting start!!! I bet Annie will get involved once again. Nate hasn’t turned up yet, and I can’t wait to see him!!!


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