Uneasy Spirits 4


This part is kind of bittersweet.

When Nate is at the Republican meeting, he realises he has been a fool, so before the speeches end, he rushes to see Annie. When he reaches the house, Kathleen tells him that Annie has just gone after receiving an telegram from Nate. As Nate knows he didn’t send her any telegram, he fears for his life, so he rushes to the restaurant where he supposedly told her to meet him.

Annie reaches the restaurant, and a boy gives her a paper allegedly from Nate telling her to meet him in his boarding house. When she is walking that way, Nate reaches the restaurant, and he spots her. When he runs after her, he sees her get into a dark alley, and he runs to see Annie being attacked by a man. Nate faces the man who has a knife, and thankfully, he manages to disarm him and hit him, so the attacker runs away. Yet, Nate has been wounded, so Annie helps him walk to his boarding house where there is a medicine student. Nate is not seriously injured, and the medicine student manages to patch him up. Annie is very worried, but when she is reassured that he is fine, she is clearly relieved.

Nate wants to take her home, but before that, they sit on a bench to talk. The conversation is lovely with Nate admitting to having made a mistake. He wants her to know that he  didn’t understand till now that in this case the end doesn’t justify the means, and he wouldn’t have been happy with working with people who he knew were corrupts. It is lovely how Annie lets Nate hug and comfort her. Yet, she silently admits that everything and nothing has really changed. There is still the outstanding issue of her sense of independence, which I hope they will manage to talk and sort out.

As for the night’s attack, they know they need to talk to the police, but there is nothing to connect this to the Framptons. So the idea is to talk to Patrick McGee, Beatrice’s nephew and Kathleen’s beau, who is a policeman. I am intrigued to know who the attacker is and why they think Annie poses such a pose to them. What is it that Annie knows that is so dangerous?

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