The Big Picture 3


Things are getting from bad and worse.

Ben is now pretty sure that his wife is cheating on him. She has lied to him twice: once when he told him that she had been having lunch with a friend, and Ben had seen that  very friend in town. Then she told him about going to buy some sofa at a antiques shop, and when Ben calls the shop, the assistant, who knows Beth from her regular visits, tells him that she told him not to expect her that day. I am pretty sure that Ben is not barking the wrong tree, but what I don’t understand is why he doesn’t tell her what he suspects. Why can’t people talk honestly? Ben is curious to know who his wife is sleeping with. She mentions several people who might be in their little town in office hours, but he doesn’t think it is any of them. One of the men he mentions is a man he thinks his wife despises and dislikes, and at once my sensor told me that it must be this man, Gary Summers. Then the man appears when he and Beth are out on a family outing, and then when Ben makes a few snide comments about him, she starts to defend the man, and that leads to more disagreements. I imagine that Ben will finally tell her what he suspects, or will he spy on her and find her out?

We now know why Beth is so frustrated. This is not the life she thought for herself. She is a frustrated writer, and the three novels he has written have been refused by all publishing companies. Then she swore she would never become her mother, that is, a housewife, a mother, and a suburbanite., but that is what she is now. She first got pregnant when she and Ben were in such a hurry to be with each other that they forgot to use any contraceptives. Then she caved in and agreed to marry Ben. And lastly, she went along with his idea to move to a little town to Connecticut when she had an incident with an indigent and baby Adam. Now feeling a failure and with a life she hasn’t chosen, she naturally feels unhappy and blames Ben for everything. She has to blame someone, and I can understand her frustration. Yet, I find her too selfish, not thinking of her husband’s feelings, and I also think that Ben is also quite selfish. Neither of them is a saint – Ben has even admitted to having had a couple of one-night stands. I am curious to know what pushed her to find another man. If her husband doesn’t satisfy her emotionally, what does this new man give her to risk her family?


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