The Big Picture 2


Ben exemplifies frustration.

He had to give up on his dreams to become a photographer, and when he started working as a lawyer, his father advised him to have a stint at a big firm. This was his intention; he wanted to work with that kind of firm for five years, save money, and then try to use his law degree to defend good causes. Yet, those five years didn’t end as his ambition took over and he became a junior partner.

I have the feeling that his frustration, unhappiness, and stress at both work and home are clearly detrimental for his health, and he is already showing signs that he is not well. He has an arsenal of medicines and his stomach is always giving him problems. I fear that all this will catch up with him, and he might end up with serious health problems.

As for his relationship with his wife, I have the suspicion that Beth is not truthful to him. She might even have a lover. As soon as Ben gets to his office, he calls his wife, but he is already out, leaving the children with the nanny. It surprises him that he is out of the house so early, and this has happened three times that week. I think this is quite suspicious, and I don’t think I’m wrong here.


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