When God was Rabbit 7 – The End


The end of the book shows Joe getting his memories back little by little.

In Cornwall he and Charlie also rekindled their long-lost love story. Joe also lets out Elly’s secret: being abused by Mr Golan. Her parents are horrified as they had not known. I have to say that it is not clear what happened with Mr Golan. Then he also mentions Elly being paid for sex by someone called Andrew. When did that happen? And who was the man? That really threw me.

In the end Jenny finally leaves prison, and the long-awaited re-encounter takes place. Elly takes her to Cornwall, and the story finishes with the two friends together and calm.

I have to say that I liked the first part more than the second. There are chapters I enjoyed greatly, but there are parts I didn’t get to understand very well, and didn’t give enough information for me to understand completely what was happening. One of my favourite characters was Nancy. However, I found Ginger and Arthur unnecessary, or at least I didn’t really understand the role in the book, and I didn’t care much about them. In any case, I liked the story even if I would have liked some episodes to be more obvious to the reader.


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