When God was Rabbit 5


I was wrong about Joe.

I thought he was some kind of singer, but that was what he does as some kind of hobby. He actually works in the World Trade Center, and I’m afraid that when the planes hit the twin towers, he will die. Elly even mentions that he works on one of the high floors.

In any case, that hasn’t happened yet. What has happened is that Charlie is back. They run into each other at a party, and they become closer after that. It is not clear if they start a relationship because when Elly asks Charlie, his answer is quite ambiguous. What we know is that they are together all the time.

Jenny keeps writing to Elly, but they still haven’t seen each other. In her letter Jenny apologises for refusing to see her in prison and argues that she isn’t ready to see her yet. I wonder what she is so scared of. This is Elly, her best friend, and the only support she clearly has.

As for the other characters, Ginger, the woman who was another constant guest in their house, dies of cancer. Elly and her family loved her, and Elly is there for her in her last weeks, visiting her all the time. I have to say Ginger has been a character we really didn’t get to know well. She was eccentric like all the characters. They all have peculiarities. Arthur is also quite odd, and now he has turned blind because of some problem in his heart, which had affected part of his brain.

Elly’s family is not very ordinary either. Her mother has a peculiar relationship with Nancy, and when surprisingly Nancy announces she is getting married to a man, Kate is clearly jealous. Then when she talks to Elly, she says she is in love with Nancy, but she is also in love with her husband, but both loves are different. Nancy’s seems to be more platonic, and Alfie is the man he shares his life with. I find this also really weird.



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