The Affair – Facts


The setting of this novel is Boston. Boston  is the capital and most populous city ofMassachusetts.  The city proper covers 124 km2 with an estimated population of 667,137 in 2015, making it the largest city in New England and the 23rd most populous city in the United States.

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Kathy and Robert live in Brookline. Brookline is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, and is a part of Greater Boston.

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Image result for brookline map

Stephanie has her apartment in Jamaica Plain. Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood of 11 kmin Boston.

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Robert’s office is in Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is a historic neighbourhood in Boston. It is a neighbourhood of Federal-style rowhouses and is known for its narrow, gaslit streets and brick sidewalks. Today, Beacon Hill is regarded as one of the most desirable and expensive neighbourhoods in Boston.

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