The Affair 3 – The End



Stephanie’s part made me understand her point of view. It is understandable that she wanted more than what Robert was giving her. Her reasons why she started the affair were a bit weak. I think he liked Robert and went for him – she admits as much – and his whines about his wife were her excuse to justify her acts. I think that Stephanie is a very ambitious woman who is get used to getting what she wants. Robert is not hers, and that is what she wants. I think she is justified to give him an ultimatum.

I found the three perspectives very well done, but at times reading the same scenes three times a bit repetitive, and I really wanted to see what would happen in the end.

In the last chapters Kathy goes to see Stephanie, and as soon as she sees her, she strikes her hard in the face, which she instantly regrets and apologises for. Then they talk inside. I found Kathy’s calm demeanour a bit incredible. She is too polite to the woman who is trying to steal her husband, and she doesn’t even react much when Stephanie has the nerve to say that she is also to blame for Robert cheating on her. Kathy might be partly responsible for her marriage to cool, but it was Robert who found another woman instead of talking to his wife how he felt.

Then Robert appears, getting the shock of his life. He acts like a bumbling fool, not sure how to behave in front of these two women who are judging him. Stephanie learns then that Robert hasn’t been too honest with her; Kathy still loves him, and he admits to loving both women. As Robert doesn’t seem to take a stand in this situation, Stephanie pushes him to return to his wife. She has seen herself in Kathy in a few years’ time, and she doesn’t like the idea of Robert doing the same to her. She hides the fact that Robert proposed to her as she knows that Kathy wouldn’t take him back in that case, and she sees the couple leave her condo together. I find it quite incredible that Kathy took Robert back. She explains that there will be changes from both parts, and they will go to counselling. Yet, she is too calm and okay to take her husband back after he had cheated on her for almost two years. I wouldn’t have made that decision so lightly, especially as Robert has said almost nothing.

I loved the book. It was so compelling, and even though the repetition of the scenes from three characters were at times repetitive, I loved to see the perspectives of all characters. I have started the second book of the series, and I’m already hooked.


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