The Affair 2


I think that Robert is so selfish. As he puts it, he wants to have his cake and eat it.

That is, he wants to have Kathy, who he calls his rock, and also Stephanie, his mistress. As I suspected, Stephanie wants more, and she gives him an ultimatum. He has to decide whether he wants to commit to her or stay with Kathy. So Robert thinks he has a right to be happy and then he impulsively asks Stephanie to marry him. I have to say that Robert has a right to be happy, that is true, but what I always have problems in this kind of situation is that happiness means trampling over someone else’s life. If Robert leaves Kathy, he will have his happiness, but what about Kathy. He admits that he hasn’t worked on his marriage as he should, so why doesn’t he do anything now? Does he really love Stephanie? Or is he confusing lust with love? I have the feeling that he and Stephanie are too different, and if they were to live together, I foresee problems between them. Robert is used to having a partner who sees to his needs but at the same time gives him his freedom to act. From the first it is clear that Stephanie is not going to be like that. She is already organising his life, telling him that he should sell the company and find a job. I don’t like Robert, and I think he is so selfish and self-centred. He thinks he deserves everything: passion, love, attention, and also the support Kathy has given him for so long. I just hope that when he leaves Kathy, he suffers a lot and realises that the grass is not greener  on the other side.

Now the next part is from Stephanie’s perspective. I don’t like her either. She is too pushy and also selfish for my taste. Yet, in the first chapter I have read, I have to say that she is not all bad. I still think she is too pushy and self-centred, but she seems honest when she says she is in love. Naturally, she wants more than a fling, and I can’t blame her for pushing Robert, but if I were her, I wouldn’t be happy with myself knowing that my happiness depended on the unhappiness of some people who have done nothing to me. In any case, it isn’t her who is at fault. She is a free woman after all. It is Robert, who should have talked to his wife about his feelings and keep his hands away from her.


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