A Love Like This 6


Oh how frustrating!

Now that Donna and William have finally met, once again they miss each other out. Nature has plotted against them this time. They arrange to meet the next day, but then Donna oversleeps and when she is on her way to meet him, there is an earthquake. Donna loses his telephone number, and when she rushes to their meeting point, the place is a catastrophe. So Donna doesn’t know if William is dead or alive, and without knowing his family name, she can’t really find him.

Donna has a breakdown, and Jan makes the travelling arrangements for her to come home. The next time we see her is a year later, and Donna is now in a relationship with Bob, Jan’s son. She says she loves him, but she knows there is something missing, and she claims that what she felt with William in that hour they got to know each other is not there with Bob. I imagine that if Donna is not sure about her love, this won’t have a happy ending, and William will turn up sooner or later. I think getting involved with your boss’s son is quite risky. When things go bust between them, Donna will still have to face Jan, and I guess that Jan will want to protect her son.


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