A Love Like This 3


Jack’s death triggers William to do what he has always wanted.

So for the first time he stands up to his parents, and a few months later he travels to Australia. He settles down in Perth where he temporarily works picking fruit and at a bar. The bar owner is Brendan, who becomes good friends with Will, and we know that his wife is Irish, but William doesn’t know her very well. I have the hunch that Brendan’s wife might be Lexie, who left Ireland a few years ago.

Donna is not having it easy either. Her mother is now a full-blown alcoholic, and despite Tina and Donna’s efforts, the woman won’t give up booze. Then one night when Donna stays with Jan to have some breathing space, she gets a call from a police officer. Catherine fell asleep with a cigarette in her hand, which set the house on fire, and both Catherine and Tina are dead. I feel so sorry for Tina, who had so many dreams and wanted to travel the world. She even showed Donna a plan of the places she wanted to visit. So now that Donna is alone, she wants to make her sister’s dreams true. So after saving up for a while, she is travelling to Australia and staying with Lexie for a few weeks. Maybe this will be the moment when William and Donna will meet.


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