Constance 7 – The End


The ending is quite beautiful.

After Jeanette’s death, Connie doesn’t stop at one place for long. She keeps travelling from one place to another for a year. Roxana, who had returned to Uzbekistan after learning that her brother was alive, sends her an email, asking her when she is going to visit her. Connie decides to go, and they spend a few nice days. One of the moments that mark the visit is when they visit the hamman, and for some reason Connie breaks down and cries for the first time since Jeanette’s death. She cries for her sister and for the mother she never knew. It is interesting that Roxana wanted Connie there with her, but not Noah. I knew that their relationship was destined to fail because Roxana was not really in love with him.

Then Roxana shows Connie an email from Noah. He explains to her that he misses his mum and his father is going through a bad time, but he says he asked him if he could see himself with someone else and after Noah reveals that his father answered that he could, and then immediately afterwards Noah asks if Roxana has heard from his aunt Connie. It is then that after a little nudge from Roxana that Connie decides to return to England and to Bill.

The end is quite romantic with Connie and Bill together. Jeanette is never out of Connie’s mind, and before she goes to meet Bill, she talks to her sister, and she admits she has learnt to forgive herself and even her mother. I would have liked to know who Connie was and why she abandoned her daughter like that. Yet, the book is beautiful as it is. I loved the descriptions, the interaction between the character, and the way the feelings are expressed. Just beautiful.



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