Constance 6


Through Connie’s memories we read about the encounter with Kathy, the woman who found her as a little baby.

As it was expected, Kathy was unable to tell her anything much about her origins or mother. Kathy thought that Connie’s mother must have been a young girl, and her circumstances must have been quite dismal so as to leave her baby the way she did. It is interesting how Kathy admitted that finding Connie changed her life. She kept visiting her in the hospital, and seeing the nurses with the babies there made her decide how she wanted her life to be. Her life so far had been about boys, clothes, silly things, but finding Connie made her want to do something useful. She broke up with her boyfriend Mike and studied nursing. It is so interesting how every one of us can be an influence on others without being aware of it. This is what happened to Connie; her mere existence changed Kathy’s life for the better.


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