Constance 2


The plot seesaws between present and past with snippets of Connie’s childhood and youth as well as her memories.

Connie was raised by Hilda and Tony Thorne who had a daughter, Jeanette, who was six years older than Connie. From very young Connie noticed that Jeanette was given privileged treatment. Tony always explained that Jeanette was given some special treatment because she was totally deaf, and they wanted to make it up to her for her shortcomings. Tony was affectionate to Connie whereas Hilda was really cold and stiff with her. I wonder why this couple decided to adopt Connie. We know that Jeannette’s deafness comes from Hilda’s side of the family, so maybe they thought they didn’t want to run the risk of having another deaf child. Yet, if they both wanted to adopt this little girl, I don’t understand why Hilda treated Connie so coldly.

When Connie was ten, her father had a massive heart-attack and died. It was during the wake after the funeral that one of Connie’s cousins blurted out that they couldn’t treat her as nicely as Jeanette because Tony wasn’t her father as she was adopted. Connie never doubted this truth as now she knew why she had been treated so differently by Hilda and even Tony. In that moment Connie swore she would find her mother and father. I wonder if she fulfilled her promise to look for her parents. There is no reference to that in the parts at present, so maybe Connie couldn’t find them as we know she had been abandoned by an unknown mother, or if she did find her mother or father, she might have been disappointed.

Connie claims that the only man she has ever loved is Bill, and then we find out that Bill is Jeanette’s husband. Connie has been in love with him since she was fifteen, and in some memories we learn that they had an affair. Yet, Bill returned to his wife after that. We don’t know yet what happened, but Connie claimed that even if Bill had wanted to elope with her, she wouldn’t have been able to hurt Jeanette like that. Is this the truth? We know that at some point Jeanette found out about them, so maybe this was the turning point in which Bill returned to his wife. In any case, I think this is the reason why the two sisters haven’t been in contact for years as I imagine there was too much painful history for the two of them. I wonder if what Connie’s love for Bill is genuine. We have seen instances when little Connie always hankered for what Jeanette had: a bigger room, the love of her parents… so I am wondering if Connie thinks she loves Bill because he belongs to Jeanette, or maybe she just loves him for himself.

In present time Jeanette has been given a death sentence. She is dying of cancer, and the doctors say she only has six months to live. Bill and her son Noah are shattered, and then for the first time in years Jeanette contacts her sister to tell her. Connie flies to London to be with her, and even we can see that the encounter is laden with tension, it is nice when Connie and Jeanette manage to ‘talk’.

Apart from the plot between Connie and her sister, there is a subplot with Noah. He has met a young woman, Roxana, who works as a lap dancer at a club. Noah believes himself in love with her. Now Roxana is going through a bad patch as someone from the building where she hired a room broke into her place and stole her money. Not wanting to stay there one more day, Roxana called Noah, who she didn’t really know but it was the only person she knew, and then she asked for his help. Noah welcomed her to his flat while she found something else. This story is not going to be easy. Noah and Roxana are too different and live too different lives. Roxana is simply trying to survive when she has nothing, but Noah has more romantic notions about her. I like Roxana. She could have lied about her job and pretend to be something she was not, but she was honest with Noah. I just hope that she doesn’t take advantage of Noah’s generosity.


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