Who is Sarah Lawson? 4 – The End



The game is finally up. Contrary to what I thought, Andy was not really involved in any deceit, and Rowena’s money was not the real target. Sarah became obsessed with Owen so much that she kept calling him and even boycotting his life. She set fire to his cottage and even cancelled the wedding when he and Rowena were supposed to marry. I think Owen was a fool to hide everything from Rowena. I think things would have been different if he had been open and honest. Rowena found out that he and Sarah had slept together as Duncan said something about that night. Rowena then broke up with him and didn’t want anything from him. So she moved to the house she inherited from her aunt. However, despite her resolution to cut ties with Owen, she agreed to meet him as he allegedly asked her and Sarah to see him and sort out things. That was a trick from Sarah, and that night there was a fire in Owen’s flat, and when Owen learnt that Sarah had been badly burnt.

The truth, as we know it later, is that the woman who was badly burnt was not Sarah, but Rowena. Sarah claimed she was Rowena, and then she travelled to the United States where she married a rich man she did not love. Sarah was in hospital for a long time, and since her face was badly burnt, she had plastic surgery, and as Andy thought she was her sister, she gave the doctors a photograph of Sarah. That is why Rowena’s face is so like Sarah’s as this is the reference the doctors had. Rowena also suffered from amnesia from the trauma, but then little by little she started remembering, but everybody thought it was just some mental condition. Thankfully, the truth comes out in the end, and Rowena finally manages to get her identity back. She and Owen talk, but their love is gone, and they end up as friends in the end. Rowena even befriends Andy, who was not aware of what her sister had done.

I enjoyed the novel, but I have to say that the  mystery was quite far-fetched., but anyway, this is fiction after all.



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