Who is Sarah Lawson? 3


The novel then takes back in time.

We finally get to see Owen, Rowena’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. I had suspected him of foul play, but I think now that I have read some of his story, he is a key figure in this mystery. Owen is an artist, and he often retreats to a cottage in South Wales to paint. In one of his exhibitions he sells a painting to Andy Lawson. Then in London he runs into Andy, who is with a woman and two children, and Andy introduces the woman as his sister, Sarah Lawson. This really threw men. Is this woman the real Sarah, or is she Hannah Lawson?

Then Rowena is sent to New York for work. Owen is in Wales as he has to meet a deadline for his agent. he befriends Duncan and his wife Megan, who is a best-selling author. Then one day he sees a woman whose car has apparently broken down near his cottage. It is Sarah, and when he takes the car to the garage, the problem is that she has run out of petrol. Sarah thanks him, and then shortly afterwards he finds a bottle of malt whisky of his favourite brand at the door of his cottage with a message from Sarah, thanking him for his kindness. A few days later he sees Sarah on the beach, and she says she is going to spend a couple of weeks in the village, and Owen says they could meet at the pub, but he is too busy and he never meets her.

It is in his exhibition when he sees Sarah again. Sarah knows Megan as she works for a publishing house, and when Sarah gives him her number, the card tells him she is a assistant editor. That night Owen invites Sarah and Megan to dinner, but in the end he finds himself with Sarah, and they go to Luigi’s, one of his favourite restaurants. Since Rowena is going to spend Christmas in America, Sarah persuades him to spend the day with her. However, Rowena gives him a surprise, turning up unexpectedly, so Owen forgets about Sarah, especially as he proposes to Rowena and she accepts. It is much later that Owen remembers Sarah, and he goes to apologise, and the woman acts all hurt, which I can understand.

It is clear that Sarah plans something from the beginning as Owen notices that every time he sees her, she looks more and more like Rowena. Besides, there are a few things that are suspicious. When Owen goes to Luigi’s  with his agent for dinner, the maitre tells him that Rowena has been there, but he realises the man means Sarah, and he wonders why Sarah has given the restaurant his girlfriend’s name. Then Megan also tells him that Sarah is just a gofer, and not the assistant editor as he believed. When he sees Sarah at Megan’s surprise birthday party, he tells her about the restaurant mishap and her job, but Sarah has a perfect explanation, and Owen feels terrible for accusing her and jumping to conclusions. That night he drinks a lot and when he wakes up the following day, Sarah is coming out of the en-suite bathroom with just a towel that she removes before him. Owen believes that he and Sarah have slept together. He feels terrible for the things he has done. Not only did he desert her on Christmas day, but also accused her of being a deceit and now has slept with her when he has a fiancée. Owen believes that he has to make up to Sarah. I’m afraid that Sarah, whoever she is, clearly has ulterior motives to keep running into him. I’m not sure but I have the impression she wants Owen for herself, and she is obviously part of the plan against Rowena. I wonder what this woman and her brother did in the end. We know that Rowena doesn’t remember much, only that she is not Sarah, so how did they make her forget? And where is Owen? Why doesn’t he answer the phone when Rowena tries to contact him? Is he dead? And where is Sarah? And is Rowena’s inheritance the real cause of this deceit, or is it Owen?


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