New Book – Constance by Rosie Thomas


This new book starts in June 1963.

A young couple, Mikey and Kathy, are walking after having been at the cinema. Mikey persuades Kathy to step into a secluded garden for a cuddle, and they hear a mewl as if it were a small cat. They, though, find a baby in a bag, so they knock at one of the houses, and the married couple there quickly call the police. The policemen think that the baby girl is only a few hours old, and her mother must have given birth to her just recently before abandoning her. The baby is taken to a hospital, and there one of the policemen names the baby Constance after the place where she was found, Constance Crescent.

Next we get to see Connie as a grown woman. She is Bali for work. She is a musical director, and she is part of the staff of a commercial that is filmed in Bali. We know little about Connie’s life or past. We just know that she was in a relationship with Seb, a music conductor, for six years, but he left her when she fell in love with another woman, and now they are married and are parents of twins. Connie was sad when the relationship failed, but she admits she wasn’t in love with Seb, but she thought they had a nice, respectful relationship. I have the feeling that Connie is a lonely woman, and she hasn’t had it easy in life. I imagine that Connie was the baby girl who was abandoned and found by the young couple. So what happened after that? Was she adopted, or did she grow up in foster homes or orphanages? She is clearly in a good position and is well-educated, so that makes me think that maybe she was adopted and a family gave her, at least, an education. However, from a very few references about family I have the impression that she didn’t really experience the sense of family while she was growing.

I am already hooked on the story. I am curious to know more about Connie and her life story. Will she ever get to know who her birth mother was and why she was abandoned?


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