Who is Sarah Lawson? 2


I find this case quite baffling.

Sarah is adamant to find out the truth, so she hires a private investigator, Richard Stevens. We know that Richie is a former detective at the Met. He was once happily married and had a couple of children. However, a drunk driver crashed into his wife’s car after she had picked up the children from school, and the three of them died. The man only got a three year sentence, and when he was released, Richie was so outraged that he beat the man to a pulp. That cost him the job, and then he decided to set up his own detective agency.

Richie believes Rowena and starts investigating. It is quite strange that Rowena doesn’t seem to have many acquaintances because I would believe that proving your identity shouldn’t be too difficult. Her neighbours call her Sarah and even some other acquaintances. Richie finds out that the deeds of the house are in the name of Andy Lawson as Rowena Shaw sold it to him. We also know that Rowena was engaged to someone called Owen Madoc, and there seems to be a story between him and Andy. Rowena has tried to contact Owen but at first her calls went to voicemail, and the last times she tried the beep she got makes her think that Owen changed his mobile number. Richie also finds that there was an incident between Owen and Andy. I have the feeling that Owen and Andy plotted against Rowena. Maybe their agreement was for the Lawsons to get the house and Owen should get the money. What I find a bit difficult to believe is that their plan seemed to lie on the premise that if they kept saying that Rowena was Sarah and Andy’s sister, Rowena would believe it herself and go along with it. I guess there is more to it than that. Why doesn’t Rowena remember anything before the moment she came to the house and was called Sarah? What about the other people who have identified her as Sarah? How are they involved in the matter? And who is the woman who calls her, angrily accusing of ruining her son’s life? Is it Owen’s mother? Maybe Owen is not involved in this deceit, but then what happened to him?


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