The Attic Room 4 – The End



I have to say that I haven’t liked this book as the other books I have read by this author. As I predicted, the blackmailer was Paul. It was pretty obvious. Nina gets another letter, demanding two thousand pounds, and the sender warns her against involving the police. Nina, though, calls the police, and they come up with a plan to get the blackmailer. Sabine, the detective, would pass herself off as Nina, and since it is pretty obvious that Nina is being watched, she should arrive at Nina’s as if she were a good friend. Then Paul appears, and they talk for a while. Then Sabine takes a call, and then Paul eagerly talks to Nina, telling her that it was the police on the phone and they should leave as there is a bomb in the house. The explanation is quite ridiculous, and Nina believes him without even checking  with Sabine. She ends up being kidnapped, and Paul takes her to a derelict house. He explains that he was trying to catch all the paedophiles who hurt him, and Nina had spoiled everything when she turned up and involved the police. I find that explanation quite implausible. We know that Paul is clearly mad, but I wasn’t really convinced by the explanation. Besides, there is little information about what Paul did. He even claims he wanted to finally give the information to the police, so then why to go to the extreme of kidnapping Nina for just doing what he eventually wanted to do?

Nina is left alone and manages to escape when Paul is sleeping. Yet, she sees him in his car, and he says he will get Naomi. When Nina finally contacts the police, Paul has Naomi, who was out in the Hendersons’ garden with the dog. We later learn that Paul hit Sabine and she is in a critical condition in hospital. If that happened, why didn’t the police protect Naomi? In the end, thanks to Aunt Emily they locate Naomi and after twenty-four hours missing, mother and daughter are reunited. Then when they are ready to return home, they go back to John’s house, and there Paul has been hiding. He hits Sam, and when he feels cornered by the police, Paul kills himself.

The story was not too bad, but I didn’t like it so much as “The Cold, Cold Sea” or “The Dead Ward”.


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