New Book – Who is Sarah Lawson? by K.J. Rabane


This new novel is about identity.

A woman lets herself into her house to find a woman and two children, all strangers to her. Yet, they say she is the children’s aunt and the woman’s sister-in-law, and they call her Sarah. This woman is confused as she believes her name is Rowena Shaw, so as she thinks this family in her house are trying to con her, she calls the police. When the officers arrive, there is a man, Andy Lawson, who claims to be her brother. He also mentions that Sarah had an accident and had memory issues. Andy takes Sarah to her flat, a place she doesn’t recognise. In the flat there are things that she admits could be hers, but she is convinced she is not Sarah. Recently, she inherited the house where she found the Lawsons and ninety thousand pounds from her Aunt Fiona, and she thinks that this family is out there to con her out of her house and money. The following day she goes to the bank, and the manager calls her Sarah, and her accounts are in her name, and those only amount to a few thousand. Sarah asks him to check the account on the name of Rowena Shaw, but the man says that there is no account on that name. Sarah also learns that the manager is friends with Andy Lawson, so she thinks he must also be involved in the deceit.

A very interesting start. Is Sarah suffering from amnesia and some kind of identity problem? Who is she? Sarah Lawson or Rowena Shaw? I find it difficult to believe that she is not Sarah. The children called her Aunt Sarah, so I find hard to believe two children should be involved in that deceit, or even the bank manager. Besides, she doesn’t remember much before she tried to get into her house.  I guess that what Andy said was true. Sarah had an accident and that was why she has these problems. In any case, what Sarah or Rowena surely is terrible, not knowing who you really are, and if Andy is her brother, I think he is doing a poor job helping her.


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