The Attic Room 3


Nina keeps saying that she wants to go home.

Yet, she keeps putting off the moment of leaving Bedford for one reason or another. She has even got a new menacing call, and this time the person even threatens Naomi. If I were her, I would have left the place by now. I have no idea why she is still there because her excuses don’t convince me.

She finally gets confirmation that John was her father, which fills her with misery. Then she learns about the relatives from her father’s side. There is her father’s aunt, Emily, and Nina visits her in the nursing home where she lives. Aunt Emily tells her that her father usually hung out with his second cousin, George Wright, who had a son Paul, who was three years older than Nina. Aunt Emily tells her that nobody has visited her in a long time, so she can’t tell her much about her other relatives. After what she had learnt about her father, Nina feared what kind of person her aunt Emily would be, but the woman is lovely.

Nina next tries to find the Wrights, and she manages to contact Paul Wright. They meet, and Nina likes him. I have my doubts about Paul, and I think Nina trusts him too easily. When she gets the second menacing call, Paul offers to see and stay with her that night. Naomi is with Sam’s parents, and Sam is away. Sam warns her about Paul, rightly saying that she doesn’t know Paul from Adam. That night when Paul arrives, they go through some of the pictures, and Paul’s attitude starts to change, clearly not comfortable. Then Paul reveals something terrible about their childhood. He claims that John and his father sold him to other paedophiles. He is not sure if Nina went through the same, but she was in the house when their fathers did that. That shocks and shatters Nina, and she wishes she could remember. I am not sure if Paul is trustworthy. I don’t doubt his word, and I’m sure what he says his father and uncle did to him is true. Yet, he might have a grudge against Nina because she was able to get out of that situation when her mother upped and left her husband. Maybe he is the blackmailer and the person behind the telephone calls.

In the parts in which we get to read Claire’s story we learn that Claire threatens John about his ill-treatment of their daughter and Paul. Then John offered her fifty thousand pounds if she agreed not to bother him any longer. He wouldn’t see her and Nina, and that was what Claire did. She only saw him once when she went to London and wanted to retrieve some of her things, something which John didn’t like. I have the hunch that in Claire’s story there is more than just a separation. What was John hiding? Was it his paedophile tendencies?


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