The Attic Room 2


Things aren’t going well for Nina.

First, she gets a threatening call from whom she assumes is the blackmailer. He calls her by name and mentions that she shouldn’t get the money since it was him who worked for it. When she calls the police, Inspector Mallory doesn’t give her good news. John Moore’s computer has been analysed and they have found pornographic photographs of children. Also he tells her that they have also found a marriage certificate of John Robert Moore to Claire. That means that John Moore was her father, but she still wants to know the paternity test results.

I have the feeling that Nina might have to face up to something dangerous. Her daughter Naomi is with her since she sprained her wrist, so Nina’s friend put her in a flight. I have the hunch that whoever is threatening Nina might try to hurt Naomi. I also wonder if Sam is as nice as Nina thinks she is. She has noticed his eagerness to please, and she thinks it is because he wants more than friendship. Now I wonder if Sam wants something else, and not romance. Could he be the blackmailer?

Claire’s narration continues. She has moved to Edinburgh with her parents, telling Robert they needed a temporary separation. Yet, now she wants a divorce, but Robert is not going to make things easier for her. We know that she told her daughter that her father was dead because maybe they were in hiding. But why didn’t the woman ever tell Nina the truth? The lawyer found Nina easily now, so why didn’t John try to find his daughter before? Did he learn about Claire’s death and that is why he wanted to contact his daughter then? And was Claire’s death really accidental?


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