New Book – The Attic Room by Linda Huber


Publishing year: 2015

The main character in this book is Nina Moore.

Nina lives on the Isle of Arran where she runs a B&B with her friend Bethany. Nina recently lost her mother when the woman was run over by a motorbike. Now her only living relative is her ten-year-old daughter Naomi, but the child’s father is not in the picture as he has another family.

Nina receives a call from a lawyer Samuel Harrison, who tells her that her father John Moore is trying to contact her as he is very sick. Nina thinks that there is a mistake as her father, Robert, died when she was three. The lawyer insists that maybe Robert Moore is a relative. Nina is curious and decides to travel to Bedford, where the man is. By that time John Moore has died, and Sam, the lawyer, tells her that she is his heir, inheriting  a million pounds and a house. Nina stays at the house while she is in Bedford, trying to find out who John Moore was, and she has the feeling she remembers things about house.

Parallel to Nina’s narration, we learn about the story of Claire, Nina’s mother. We know that Robert, the man she married, wasn’t the man she thought he was. He is spiteful, rude, and insults her all the time. He doesn’t even ask for her opinion about everything. Claire feels she has made a mistake, but her mother Lily insists she has to try to work on her marriage for her little girl’s sake. Things come to a head when one day Nina returns to her house after having rushed to the dentist. She had left Nina there with her friend Paul, and his parents Jane and George, who were friends of John. When she returns, Jane was drunk on her sofa, and the two children were crying. What happened is that John had hit Paul, and it is then that Nina decides to leave her husband.

We know that Robert Moore and John Moore are one and the same, so he is Nina’s father. The register confirms that, but Nina still wants to have a paternity test. Something weird happens when she receives an anonymous letter in which John is called a paedophile and the sender demands money from him. There is a reference in the letter about crying, and Nina has a memory about her crying her head off in the attic room. I am afraid that Nina is going to find a very harsh story about her father. I imagine that Claire made up that story about Nina’s father being dead because she wanted to protect her.

Very interesting!!!


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