The Thirteen Problems 9


Sir Henry next tells the case of four suspects of a murder.

The murdered man is Dr Rosen, a German man who feels threatened by a secret society, the Schwartze Hand. He is pushed down the stairs and he dies. Four people were in the house at the time: his niece Greta, Charles Templeton, his secretary, Gertrud, his servant, and Dobbs, the gardener. We also know that Greta and Templeton were in love. The day of the crime they all got some letters, and Dr Rose got one from someone called Georgina, telling him about several people. Dr Rose claimed that he knew no Georgina and threw the letter away.

Miss Marple resolves the crime, and she claims that it was the niece who killed the man. The letter Dr Rosen received instructed her as the names contained referred to flowers, and their initials formed the word “death”

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