The Thirteen Problems 4


Joyce Lemprière, the artist, is the one who tells her story next.

She was also staying in Cornwall when she was a witness to a strange event. She was staying in an inn, and she saw a man Denis and his wife Margery arrive. Then another woman Carol appeared, and she and Denis seemed to be acquaintances as they greeted each other warmly. The following day the couple and Carol decided to go for a swim. Carol wanted to walk whereas the couple went to the beach in their car. Joyce saw they had returned as their swim suits were hanging to dry. Something strange happened as from where she was, she thought she could see blood on the pavement, and a sailor told her about a legend in which blood on the pavement meant death. Yet, when she came closer, the blood was gone.

Denis and his wife decided to leave the inn after enquiring about Carol, who had not returned. Carol got back later and also went away. A few days later the newspaper announced that Margery’s body was found after she disappeared while swimming in the sea.

Miss Marple guesses that the mystery lay on the clothes the women were wearing and confused everybody. The truth was that while the married couple and Carol were together swimming, Denis and Carol killed Margery. Carol wore Margery’s clothes when they returned, then when Denis and she went, she got changed again and people never had any inkling about the truth. The blood that Joyce saw was actually dripping from Carol’s swimsuit, and then the sun dried the stains. Joyce confirms that some time later she ran into Dennis, who was married to another woman, and Carol. Joyce went to the police who told her that Denis and Carol were already being investigated. Apparently, Denis and Carol were married, but using a fake name, he married naive women and after killing them, they got the money from the life insurance. A very clever mystery.


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