The Thirteen Problems 3


Raymond West, Miss Marple’s nephew is the next one to tell his story.

He mentions befriending someone called John Newman and being invited to his house in Cornwall. The man was obsessed with a galleon which was said to contain gold. Then on the way to Cornwall Raymond talks to Inspector Badgwork, who also goes to the same town, and he tells him about a ship having sunk off the coast of the town. The surprising thing is that the ship carried bullion and that had disappeared.

When Raymond gets to his friend’s house, things start happening. John Newman is kidnapped and then find in a pitch. There are some prints of a lorry, and the police suspect that the culprit is the landlord of the pub, Kelvin, who had spoken ill of the strangers coming to the town and had a lorry whose wheels are identical to the prints left on the road.

Like usual, Miss Marple guesses the truth. The criminal is John Newman, whose name is not John Newman at all, and he is the one who stole the gold from the sunk ship. He faked his own kidnapping, and he and his accomplices used Kelvin’s wheels to frame him. Sir Henry even adds that the man has been sought by the police for a long time. I have to say that so far this is the story I have liked least.


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