The Thirteen Problems 13 – The End


The last story is independent.

Miss Marple goes to see Sir Henry, who is staying at the Brantys. A local girl, Rose, has been found drowned in the river. It is known that the girl was pregnant after having had an affair with Sandford, an architect from London. It is thought that the woman was murdered, and Miss Marple asks Sir Henry to investigate the matter. She knows who the murderer is, but she has no proof, but writes the name of the culprit in a piece of paper.

Sir Henry helps the police to investigate. They talk to Sandford, who is sorry for what happened between Rose and himself. He is the one who gets to lose the most because he has a girl in London, and Rose’s father wanted him to marry his daughter. The police think he is the murderer, but Sir Henry insists on talking to Joe Ellis, the young man Rose was  seeing before Sandford. The man lives as a tenant at Mrs Bartlett’s, and the woman says that Joe couldn’t have killed Rose because that day he was repairing some shelves for her and she was there, watching him.

Then Sir Henry talks to the boy who heard Rose scream and found the body. The boy claims that he saw Sandford walking in the place, and he also says he saw Joe, but he can’t be sure because it was foggy. The police concludes that they should arrest Sandford, but then Miss Marple says that Joe’s alibi can’t be true because it was a Friday when Rose was killed, and that day Mrs Bartlett usually delivered the laundry in her old pram. Sir Henry goes to talk to Mrs Bartlett, and the woman finally confesses that she killed Rose as she is in love with Joe and Rose was not treating him right. Mrs Bartlett is the name that Miss Marple wrote on that piece of paper he gave Sir Henry.

I loved the book. I have to say that I prefer lengthy mysteries than short stories. Even so, I enjoyed the cases here. My favourite ones were”The Companion”, “The Christmas Tragedy”, and “The Blood-Stained Pavement.”


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