The Thirteen Problems 12


The case that Jane Helier explains is the one that I like the least, and I find it quite complicated.

She talks about going to the police station one day where a man claimed that he had come to see her at her request since she wanted to talk about one of his plays he had sent her. However, the man realizes that Jane is not the woman he talked to. Apart from that, the man claimed to have been drugged, and the woman in the bungalow he had visited called the police saying that the bungalow had been burgled and the jewels stolen.

The guests try to come up with a solution, and even Miss Marple admits to being baffled. Everyone goes their different ways, and before going, Miss Marple whispers something to Jane Helier about being in a woman’s control. Jane later explains to Mrs Bantry that the tale she told never happened, but she planned to do it against an actress who stole her husband from her, using her understudy. Mrs Bantry warns her that she should end up in jail, and after Miss Marple’s warning she decides not to carry out her plan after all.



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