A Family Man 6 – The End



I was right!!! When Matt finally sees his wife, it is in her father’s funeral. They talk, and she confesses to having been seeing her lover for two years. She also talks about Josh sucking the life out of her and feeling miserable. Kath, though, refuses to reveal the identity of her lover. She is a coward, and I think if her father hadn’t died, she wouldn’t even had the decency to talk to Matt. She doesn’t even express the least desire to see her son. She says she loves Josh, but I think that is a lie. She is just selfish and only cares about herself. It is later that Matt learns that her lover is none other than Graham, his best friend. It is Louise who tells him when drunk she makes a pass at him and Matt turns her down. Angry, she tells him about Graham and Kath, and how the clothes he found were Kath’s, and while he was at Graham’s, Kath was staying at the hotel round the corner. I feel so sorry for Matt, betrayed by the two people who he trusted most. I think they are cowards, and the excuse that they didn’t want to hurt Matt is just an excuse. They were only protected themselves. Matt eventually writes an email to Graham, and I think he did in a dignified way. I would have liked to have seen what happened in the end between Graham and Kath because Matt was sure that their love story wouldn’t be forever. Then I’m sure Kath would regret leaving her son.

As for Matt’s love life, during their trip to Florence, he realizes that Beth is not the woman for him, and he tells her. Beth reacts angrily, making a scene, and it is a harrowing experience to be together for the following hours before they can travel back to England. At the end of the book Matt realizes that the woman he likes is Sophie, the only one who has been straight with him and hasn’t felt the need to pity him. It is only when he learns that she is moving to Italy that he tells her about his feelings. In the end, Sophie, who after her past experiences has a very firm attitude regarding romance, returns Matt’s feelings but she is still going away. She won’t put aside her ambitions for a man, but Matt doesn’t mind as long as he can go to see her and she comes home often enough.

I really loved the book. Great characters. Matt is not a perfect character, but he struggles and fights for what he thinks is important in his life: his son. He changes all his life for Joshua, quitting a job he wants and altering his routine, which is exactly the opposite of what his wife does. I also love Josie with her lively enthusiasm for everything she does, which is nice to see in a teenager.


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