A Family Man 5


In New York Matt has the chance to release some of the tension he had had for weeks.

Graham is his best friend. Then when he is in the flat and Graham is at work, he tries to find the boiler as the flat is freezing. Then he finds the room, and there he also makes a discovery. There are several gala dresses hanging from a rail and covered with some sheets. When he asks Graham about them, he tells him that they belong to a woman he lived with for a while and then left him. I have the hunch that Graham is lying to him. Maybe it is far-fetched, but what if they belong to Kath? What if Graham is the man she has left Matt for? Matt found a book with some professional photographs of Kath, and he knows that they are recent, and maybe Graham has offered her the chance to resume her career. He obviously has contacts in New York. From Matt we know that Graham and Kath didn’t like each other, but what if it was just a facade?

Beth has called him in New York, and I still find her too bossy. She has booked a holiday in Italy without talking to him first or checking that his family matters are taken care of. I don’t like Beth at all, but Matt now thinks of her as his girlfriend.

As for Louise, she is not very happy, feeling neglected by her husband. She even admits to herself that she can understand Kath, and there are times she would like to leave everything. While Matt is away in New York, she goes to the house and meet Dennis and Josie. From the first moment Josie opens the door, Louise shows her hostility. When she leaves to meet her husband at the cinema, she realizes that she doesn’t have her purse with her. Instead of thinking she might have forgotten it somewhere, she concludes that Josie must have stolen it from her, and even though Anthony tries to reason with her, she is convinced Josie is a thief. I think Louise is unfair to the girl. I don’t think the girl has taken the purse, and there must be a perfect explanation for the missing purse.


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