A Family Man 4


Matt is doing what he can to do his best for Josh.

Interestingly, he has gained some new acquaintances like the nursery school’s mother, and his friendship with Louise has strengthened. He thinks that Kath’s betrayal has joined the two of them, but I can’t help but wonder whether Louise’s intentions are completely altruistic. It is clear that her husband is not there for her, making her feel lonely, and we know that she finds Matt very attractive. She is not the only one who is attracted to Matt. Beth Durant, the American agent, is not too discreet in her seducing campaign, and she finally succeeds when he decides to accept the invitation to a party she throws. They sleep together, but I can’t say I like Beth. She is too confident and thinks she deserves to have what she desires. A real relationship between her and Matt is not viable as she appears to be too selfish, and when she shows interest in Josh, I have the impression she is just pretending and making the right noises.

Matt’s father, Dennis, is staying with Matt and Josh to help his son in his time of need. Matt has also hired a girl, Josie, to look after Josh when he is not at school. At first Matt was reluctant to hire because Josie is only sixteen, and she is the girl who was at the playground with other teenagers, using the structure and almost stepped on Josh’s head when they were coming down. On that occasion Matt was in a rage and when he upbraided the teenagers, only Josie gave him her address and name. When Matt called at the given address, it was another woman who received her, a teacher Sophie, who vouched for Josie. Now the same teacher, who is quite abrupt in her manners, is there to stand up for Josie. She tells Matt about Josie and her flawed family, but she assures that Josie is a good girl. Those words and Josh’s wide smile finally convince Matt, and he hires the girl. As weeks go by, Josie proves to be great with Josh and the housework. Josh and Dennis love her, and now the house is tidier as she sees to the ironing of their piles of clothes and even makes sure they are not short of food supplies.

Now Matt has gone to New York for a work assignment. He is staying with his best friend Graham. He realizes that he needed to see his friend more than he thought, and he reckons that a change of airs will do him good despite his misgivings about leaving Josh for five days.

I am enjoying the book, and it is poignant to see this man trying to do his best for his son. It is not easy to be a single parent with a young child. Matt is now scared that Kath might turn up at some point and want to take Josh with her. I hope that he is wrong, and if that were to happen, I think Kath shouldn’t be allowed. She forfeited that right when she walked out on her son. This book reminds me of the film “Kramer vs Kramer”, which is a lovely movie. I wonder if the direction of the plot will be the same with Kath and Matt fighting for their son’s custody.


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