A Family Man 3


My guess was wrong.

Louise receives a letter from Kath, telling her that she is with someone else and happier than ever before. She also adds that leaving Josh was the most difficult decision she had made, but she knows he will be safe with Matt. I find Kath’s attitude so selfish and immature. Doesn’t the man who she is married to deserve an explanation? She hasn’t even bothered to write to him. So is she ready to forfeit her rights as a mother? Does this mean she has no intention to see her son again?

Matt is having it rough as he comes to terms with the fact that his wife has deserted and at the same time he has to be strong for his son. Now he is starting to understand a bit what kind of life Kath had and he realizes that he was not much of a help. So he is learning to be the hands-on father that he should have been from the start. I feel so sorry for him and in particular, for little Josh. The boy keeps asking for his mum, but I imagine that one day he won’t even remember her, which will be Kath’s big loss. I have the hunch that Kath will return sooner or later. She might be on cloud nine now, but is she so sure that this affair will last? What if things don’t work out for her? Will she dare to return with the tail between her legs?


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