The Life and Soul of the Party 2


We follow the six friends’ live throughout the parties they attend.

After New Year’s Eve Paul and Melissa are back together after being apart from five years. Melissa is very much in love with Paul, and he has realized that he wants to be with her and plant some roots. All throughout January they are happy together, and when they attend a party, they tell their friends about their being back together. Yet, it is at that party that Hannah, the girl Paul had been going out with before, calls and requests to see him. Paul agrees to see her and leaves the party, hoping to return without anyone being the wiser. However, Melissa sees him and follows him. she finds him with Hannah, and it is then that a revelation comes. Hannah is pregnant with Paul’s baby.

After that Paul and Melissa break up again. I have to say I was surprised about this. If Paul wanted to be with Melissa, why couldn’t they do that? He could still take his responsibilities for the baby, and if he broke up with Hannah, it means he doesn’t love her. So why change that because of a baby? In any case, this is what they decide to do. Paul gets back with Hannah, and they even end up married, which they keep a secret from everyone.

As for Melissa, he runs into Billy again, and even though she is concerned about their age difference – Billy is 25 and Melissa is 35 – they start seeing each other. Yet, it is clear that her heart still belongs to Paul, and in the few moments they meet, Melissa changes and becomes flustered and nervous. I think if Melissa still carries a torch for Paul, it is unfair for Billy. She should sort out her feelings first before getting involved with someone else.

In the end, Melissa and Billy move in together when Melissa’s flatmate tells her that her boyfriend is moving in and she needs the flat. So Billy suggests they should move in together, and it is when they are preparing their housewarming party that Melissa learns that Paul has been involved in a massive accident and died.

There is something about Melissa and Paul that we have only get a few snippets of. Melissa was pregnant once with Paul’s baby, but that baby didn’t live. I wonder why. Did she have a termination or a miscarriage? Do the others know about that baby?

As for Chris and Vicky, I thought they were the ideal couple. I really like Chris; he seems reasonable and sensitive. Yet, we discover that at a party he met Polly, the girlfriend of one of his friends, and at that party they kissed. Chris claims that he only wanted to feel wanted once more and see he could still rouse passion, but he didn’t mean for that to go any further. However, he ran into Polly a few weeks later and they started an affair. We know that the whole thing bothered Chris, and after one party he even burst out crying. Yet, he didn’t break it off with the woman. It is only months later when he and Polly went together to London that she felt afraid of being discovered when he forgot his phone home. It is in that moment that he realizes that he has a lot to lose, so he calls Polly and breaks up with her. Then things seem to be good with Vicky, and they even talk about having another baby, and Vicky becomes pregnant. I have a feeling that Chris’s little secret will be discovered in the end, and what he feared will happen anyway.

As for Cooper and Laura, they end up going their separate ways. Laura wanted to travel while Cooper just wanted them to get a house and get married. Laura finds the engagement ring and they talk. She tells him she wants to travel for a year alone, and they could continue where they left off when she returns. However, during Laura’s farewell party Cooper begs her not to go, and they have an argument, which ends up with them breaking up. Laura goes away, and Cooper stays in Manchester. Soon after she has left, Vicky hears from her and her liaison with an American guy, so she decides to set up her brother-in-law with someone. So at her tenth wedding anniversary party, she arranges the tables so Cooper is sat next to Nicole, who has also gone through a recent break-up, and then they start dating. I am curious to know what will happen when Laura returns. Will she expect Cooper to wait for her faithfully? Will she regret leaving?

Very entertaining book. I love reading about the lives of these six friends. Now I am reading the part when they all go to Paul’s funeral, which I imagine will bring some interesting bits too.


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