New Book – A Family Man by Amanda Brookfield


Matt Brewster is a thirty-one-year-old theatre critic.

He is married to Kath, and they have a four-year-old son, Josh. One day his wife calls to tell him to pick up their son from school. Josh does that, but when Kath fails to return home, he has to leave Josh with a baby-sitter since he has to see a play at the theatre. When he returns, Kath is not there yet. He is worried and calls the friend he thinks she’s gone out with, but her husband tells him that Louise is in bed and hasn’t seen Kath that night. Then he sees an envelop with his name on it, and in a single note Kath tells him that she is leaving him because life with him is death. Kath has deserted him, but what is worse, she has abandoned their son. The following day he discovers that she hasn’t told anybody about her intentions, so Matt doesn’t know where she is or who she is with. Matt doesn’t know what to think, and he hopes that Kath will return eventually, but in the meantime he has a child to look after, so his boss lets him to have some time off while he sorts out his life. Poor Matt. Kath’s desertion beggars belief. How can a mother leave her son without even saying a word? When two people share a life for years, it should mean something. The least Kath should have done was talk to Matt and explain things, but instead she has taken the coward’s way out. What does she intend to do now? Has she left her son forever? Is that what she wants? And is there someone else involved? I imagine that is possible.

Interesting start. I wonder how Matt will be able to cope from now on. I imagine that sooner or later Kath is going to regret her actions. I am not surprised about her leaving Matt. Romantic love doesn’t always survive routine, but her love for her son? How can you walk out on a little boy?


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