A Family Man 2


Matt is desperate.

He arranges to meet Louise, Kath’s best friend, but she has no more information. than Matt. Matt wants to know if Kath was having an affair, but Louise doesn’t know. Louise and Matt are shocked that Kath should leave Josh, her son. That makes me think if there is a more serious reason for her desertion. What if Kath is sick and and wants to spare Matt and Josh the pain? In the novel we haven’t seen Kath first-hand, but we know her through the words of the other characters, and we get the impression that Kath was not very steady. Louise says that Kath has never been happy with her lot: she was unhappy when she lived with her parents, she wasn’t satisfied with her career as an actress, and she struggled with motherhood. This makes Matt think that Kath might be depressed and that is why she has left. Will Matt find where she has gone? I hope she learns the reasons why she left.


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